I think….

Being in a girl-to-girl relationship is better for me than being with guy-to-girl.

First of all, the outcome is great for me.

I never hold back anything, I am like an open book. I tell things I cannot say to any guy at all, like telling them the whole fucked up things I did way back when. It’s like I’m talking to a girl best friend.

Second, my grades are much better compared to when I am in a relationship with a guy.

Come on, admit it. For once, or maybe twice or thrice when you’re in a relationship with a guy, it’s either make or break in your grade. Why? Your guy’s limiting you to some things. Sometimes, he wants to just talk to you for hours. That’s very sweet I know, but when they’re making you choose between your school and them, that’s kind of bullshit esp. if you guys are classmates. Hell, you guys are together for hours and yet that small little time that you allotted for your school stuff is being taken by your boyfriend. And I know, at the time that I’ve had a relationship with a girl again, doing that kind of thing to someone is completely selfish.

You don’t own every fucking time your girlfriend have, dear boyfriend. :) She has her family, friends plus her school and/or work. You have to balance shit out.

Third, you never really have a fucking intense argument.

When you’re in an argument with your boyfriend, even the smallest things pissed you off and it can go on for days and days and just have make up sex to let the anger go. Well that doesn’t really solved any problems, right? Only lust. -_- In a girl-to-girl relationship, you’ll just have to be fucking straightforward to each other without intimidating each other because there’s the thought “Oh, is this how she feels? I should probably do this and that I guess. I hope she’s not mad that much.” THERE IS AN UNDERSTANDING WHILE YOU GUYS ARE TALKING. Or maybe just a little bit of silent treatment but a HUG (NOT A MAKE UP SEX) is okay with you girls already. See? No lust at all. You know that your love with each other is sincere as fuck. :)


Admit it, you will hold on to this girl no matter what even if you tell them that one big mistake would make you break up with them. You will love her no matter how wrong she were back then with you. YOU CAN’T EVEN THINK THAT YOU GUYS WILL BREAK UP BECAUSE YOU HAVE DREAMS OF BEING TOGETHER ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. You will stay by her side even if she no longer needs you to be there, cause maybe, just maybe, if she ever gets sad, she’ll think of you as a shoulder she could cry on and talk to for hours. After all, you’re both girls :)

This is just a thought and an observation though. Not just for me but to other same sex relationship :)




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Hay grabe talaga ang Episode 6 ng Mirai Nikki… Why do you do this to me? -_-


I don’t wanna love anymore on We Heart It.



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MKTO - Classic

I don’t know why, but this song makes me happy even in the worst moments :D

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Baby, lemme rock you body, ride your body, kiss your favorite spot,

Tie your hands behind your back,

Feel my fingertips above your shoulders,

You like it when I drive, yeah I push the clutch, 

I just want it all but no rush..

So we can make love or We can just touch….

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the only lessons I ever need

Some people should really take this to heart.

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