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MKTO - Classic

I don’t know why, but this song makes me happy even in the worst moments :D

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Baby, lemme rock you body, ride your body, kiss your favorite spot,

Tie your hands behind your back,

Feel my fingertips above your shoulders,

You like it when I drive, yeah I push the clutch, 

I just want it all but no rush..

So we can make love or We can just touch….

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the only lessons I ever need

Some people should really take this to heart.

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I wish I could take your sadness away…. But I am your sadness…

My new sounds:

Don’t have to tell my part cos it won’t change anything. Keeping my mouth shut and just keeping these feelings all to myself

Just when I needed you the most you become the person I want to not talk to just because of the things I’m seeing

'Yung feelings ang mas nauunang nararamdaman hindi 'yung logical thinking. Hearts over Brains.